March 26, 2006

Meet Vicky, complete with Jesus Fish (but not Stinky)

I just found and purchased the ultimate roadtrip kayaking, surfing, climbing vehicle. We found her on the coast being used as a school bus for a church.
Meet Vicky, the van. As the 80's seem to be coming back into fashion (what the...?), I guess, for a change, I am ahead of the curve by driving a car from the era. She's a beauty! Her 1987 Toyota engine is still running strong, and there's enough room to seat at least 7 people. We are excited to get a rack on top, creating perfect shuttle rig. And camper, as the seats fold into a bed. What could be better, really?
The first thing I did to her was pluck off the plastic Jesus fish on the rear gate. My friend Dave said I should have left it so the cops would leave me alone! But, I just couldn't do that. You can still see the outline, so maybe that will be good enough?

Photos, top to bottom: Vicky with me and Stinky the Dog; A cold and sick Andy and one hyper white dog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pleased to meet ya Vicky!
Val the Van looks great, and camp trailers are cool, I lived out of one on a camp job by Maxville MT. in 1979.
We went to Drummond to shower at the truck stop\bar, once a week, we were dirtbags!