October 23, 2012

It's Been Awhile.

For heaven's sake, how does one even begin to write a blog post after a year and a half? When so much has changed, when my life as I once knew it has evolved beyond belief? Sit down and just start, I suppose.
I write this beachside, sitting cross-legged on a picnic table, listening to waves crashing and watching the sun sink lower on the horizon. It's October. It's a Monday. I'm camping in SoCal, where it's not raining or snowing, and for that I am grateful. I just rode a road bike, by choice, and I liked it. It's almost Happy Hour, and that's ok too.
I don't live in Hood River anymore. I live in a van; I seem to have an affinity for Sprinter Vans, because I now drive one for a living.

Ok, I don't really live in the van, as it's full of bikes and there is no living space. But I drive it all over the West, alone (sometimes with Turbo), and I sometimes (although not as often as you would think) get to ride bikes. Mostly, I help other girls ride bikes more, and teach them how to fix their bike. 

It is enjoyable, and I meet extraordinary people. 

Like the lovely Lauren:

And Nica:

And Erin:

And these two, Ginjer and Savannah from the Flathead Valley:

I got to see my old friend Woody in Sioux Falls, SD. It had been five years.

He even took me flying! Just like old times, except I didn't jump out.

I met all of these kooks along the way, too. Hernan, Sonia, and Pati.

This guy, Evan, a fellow Giant Bicycles demo driver:

And Jenni from the Block:

And I got to see my dear Jessica again in Bellingham!

These two from Reno, Maggie and Eric:

And Craig:

I also get to see places like this:

And this:

Got to chase Twenty6 Tyler through the woods in Bozeman, MT.
Or maybe this:

And sunsets, like this:

Moonrises like this one over San Francisco:

This is just the tip of the iceberg, really. I have so many stories and adventures to share from the past year! It's been one heck of a ride.

Cheers to a lovely life!

June 27, 2011

Spring / Summer in Pictures

Red Chair

Rainbow Over the Hood

Birthday Cake Made by Joe

Spring Syncline Shred

Ready to Eat at Anna's

First Farmers' Market of the Year

A Perfect Spring Dinner

Heart, Heart, Heart!

Jody's Birthday Cake, Carrot of Course

Tiny Liquor and Hat Party

Cocktail of the Season

Hood River Super-D -- Go Hermosa Harlots (formerly Hotties...)

Radishes + Butter, oh hell yes


Nomadic Kitchen

Hermosa Shuttles

Deviled Eggs + Dogs

Post Canyon Ladies Adventure Ride!


The Sturdy Bitch Race Team at the Ashland Super-D

Standing Stone Sampler

Race Readying

Love these Ladies

Ashland Finish

Finish of Chuck's Chips, Talent, Oregon -- Take One

Take Two

Fred and Katie, Wolfhound Cycles Headquarters, Talent Oregon
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Hermosa Tours Sighting at Black Rock!
Socks from our sponsor, Harlot Clothing, gave us Superpowers at Black Rock!