June 27, 2011

Spring / Summer in Pictures

Red Chair

Rainbow Over the Hood

Birthday Cake Made by Joe

Spring Syncline Shred

Ready to Eat at Anna's

First Farmers' Market of the Year

A Perfect Spring Dinner

Heart, Heart, Heart!

Jody's Birthday Cake, Carrot of Course

Tiny Liquor and Hat Party

Cocktail of the Season

Hood River Super-D -- Go Hermosa Harlots (formerly Hotties...)

Radishes + Butter, oh hell yes


Nomadic Kitchen

Hermosa Shuttles

Deviled Eggs + Dogs

Post Canyon Ladies Adventure Ride!


The Sturdy Bitch Race Team at the Ashland Super-D

Standing Stone Sampler

Race Readying

Love these Ladies

Ashland Finish

Finish of Chuck's Chips, Talent, Oregon -- Take One

Take Two

Fred and Katie, Wolfhound Cycles Headquarters, Talent Oregon
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Hermosa Tours Sighting at Black Rock!
Socks from our sponsor, Harlot Clothing, gave us Superpowers at Black Rock!