December 1, 2005

Leaving, cont'd.

But before I go, I will swim through the stacks, sorting, downsizing and deciding what I can and cannot live without. I feel as though I am sounding very materialistic, like I have loads of possessions, but I suppose, relatively speaking, I don't own much at all. But we can always, always, always own less! After all, we can live out of a backpack, without all of the shoes and clothes and still feel happy and content. I for one am happiest the less I have.
When I start feeling burdened and conscientious of my possessions, I know it is time to leave. I suppose this is the part of leaving I both love and hate: being forced to deal with the nature of the beast, both accepting it and trying to control my possessive ways, re-training my brain and convincing it that I can live with only one pair of pants. It is challenging, but very rewarding at the same time. It is also motivation to continue to downsize and simplify upon returning from Ecuador.

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