December 25, 2005

Last but not Least

Last yoga class. Last day of work. Last latte I'll have in a few months. Last time for wearing jeans, and the last time I'll count the days until leaving. I love this part of travelling: knowing that your routine will change, and actually savoring moments and exeriences you know you'll miss.
My brother says that one of the best feelings is how you feel during the 'shoulder' period, the time when you get to the airport and there is NOTHING else you have to do, or can do for that matter. I've never given that space of time any thought. It could be the most relaxing time of the entire trip, between planning and anticipation to arriving in a foreign city you don't know and having to get yourself somewhere (ideally out of it), all of which is pretty stressful at times. And flying itself is never exactly relaxing, although I am flying on Christmas Day, so maybe it will be mellow. But the very idea of being on a plane that is hurling through the atmosphere at unnatural speeds isn't really very comforting, but we won't think about that right now.
With that in mind, the departure hour is approaching, and I'm sure there is somthing I'm forgetting to do or bring, some last item or experience I should have before I leave for 2 months. Part of staying sane though before travelling is to realize that whatever you forget you can live without, and that the last thing you wanted to do or say can probably wait; letting go of all such last items and needs is the only way you can truly enjoy all of the firsts that are about to happen.

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