May 9, 2010

The Space Between.

Here, there and everywhere. To and fro, back and forth. Point A to Point B. Unpack, re-pack...pack, pack, pack. It's not always easy to keep a level head. There's always somewhere to go, somewhere to be and lots of things to see.

It's not always easy to see the forest for the trees. I get so caught up in getting to the destination that I forget to enjoy the journey -- and that's a shame because when you're traveling all over tarnation, that adds up to a lot to miss out on. Like the beauty of the red rock desert, sprinkled with patches of green and splotches of blooming color. Or the snow-capped peaks illuminated by a setting sun. Taking time to talk to a stranger on the street, finding time for myself during a hectic week.

I'm a process person - not just in the sense of creating, but I need time to process what's going on around me, or I start losing my place and how I fit in. Some days, it might mean taking a step back, observing and listening. Others call for time all alone, on a trail, by a river, on a yoga mat, away from people and gadgets. Sometimes, I just need to make a meal in silence, and enjoy the monotony of chopping, slicing and dicing. And still others, I just need to write.

That's where I've been going wrong. I miss writing, and on this adventure, I've kind of lost myself a little along the way. Some days, I hardly know myself, and to be honest, I kind of miss hanging out with me. It's been too easy to get caught up in the travel to enjoy and process my journey. I also need to talk about it, and I've been neglecting this space and the opportunity to share.

This week in Moab, I'm going to geek out with my laptop, my yoga mat and probably the campstove. I need to catch up and check in with myself. I'll be on the bike plenty, but I'll also be paying attention to other things, too.

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