April 24, 2007

Just Some Photos

Zicatela Yoga.

Ricardo throwing the drogue.

Oliver, Hans and Me, Christmas Boogie, 2006. Photo by Buzz.

Panita + Surfer, Playa Zicatela

Kelly, Jeanne, and Erdie. Puerto Escondido, November 2006.

Gringas Locas, November 2006. Photo by Pana.

Pana Swoop, Cuautla.

Erdie in the Sky with Diamonds. November, 2006. Photo by Pana.

Stairs to Carrizalillo Beach, Puerto Escondido.

Amen. Photo by Pana.


Jay Gifford said...

great pics! what else have you been up too besides practicing yoga and playing to roll of a frog in a plane over mexico? talk to you soon....J

Emmylou said...

Amazing pictures, darling! It looks like you're having the time of your life. Enjoy and be happy :) Emmy