January 5, 2006


My neighbors here in Tena have a pet monkey named Ramon. Sometimes he is out front playing with a neighborhood dog, in which case he usually has the upper hand...or should I say, tail! He uses his tail to grab the dog's hind legs, then proceeds to slap the poor pooch in the face, play with his ears, groom him, whatever. It's quite entertaining to see them go at it.
The other day, we approached our doorway and Ramon was out front, having just stolen this woman's pen, and wouldn't give it back! Luckily, we were enough of a distraction to prompt him to drop the pen. He then ran over to me and grabbed onto my leg. His owner meandered over, and eventually picked him up. They are so amazingly like human babies, he was reaching for me as a baby would, grabbing my finger, trying to bite it (playfully).
Andy even saw him swinging on a loose cable hanging from a telephone pole. He swung around, then climbed up the cable, as if it were a vine.
Here he is, above, hanging out on the porch railing. He used to be shy around us, but I think he is getting used to seeing our white skin and pale eyes.

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